Mini Plus

Incontinence Light Pads

Mini Plus

Mini Plus Absorption Rating

Incontinence pad with soft breathable nonwoven top sheet. High-performing 3D absorbent core with anti-odour-system. Body shaped for optimal fit and discreet wearing. Laundry protection by nonwoven laminated PE-film back sheet. White nonwoven single pouch.

Product Features and Benefits

Caroli Mini Plus incontinence pads are used for light or stress incontinence. All Caroli products are non-slip, secure fitting against the skin. They are very thin which makes them discreet and provide a natural fit. All are dermatologically tested by third party laboratories to avoid skin reactions. They have an extra strong PROTECT + CARE Super Absorbent Core which prevents rewetting and absorbs the liquid quickly into the interior of the liner. Our Side leakage Protection System and internally located clothes protector keeps you dry. For Light to Moderate incontinence.

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